Self Defense for Women: Free Seminar

Goju Karate announces a free seminar focused on teaching real self-defense skills for real women.

womensd-box.jpgWe're pleased to announce our Self-Defense for Women seminar! This two-hour seminar will be offered on Sunday, November 17th, from Noon to 2PM, and is absolutely free for any woman interested in learning practical, real-world self-defense skills.

This seminar will feature instruction from experienced teachers, and is focused on teaching real skills that actually work, and are geared for real women to use in protecting themselves in any potentially violent situation.


How this Seminar is Different

Over the span of two hours, women will learn basic techniques that are easily mastered and can be used by anyone of average fitness and skill -- this is not a six-week course that takes a huge time commitment, nor is it a course that teaches skills which are unlikely to ever be remembered, let alone used, in the chaos and fear of real-world violence.

Rather, the skills taught during these two hours will stay with attendees and be skills and techniques that are completely practical.

After brief explanations and demonstrations, seminar attendees will have the chance to practice each technique until they are comfortable using them, and certain that they've mastered them to the point of easy recall.


Helpful Information for Attending

The seminar is open to all women, age sixteen or older. No special uniforms or equipment is necessary: just wear comfortable clothes because you'll be working to practice the techniques that you learn.

The seminar is fun! While the topic is serious and important, and the techniques are taught and practiced with the seriousness they deserve, the e

And most of all, come prepared to leave the seminar with a feeling of empowerment and safety. Self defense is about feeling strong, balanced, and confidant. That's what we'll work on for two hours, and that's what we hope you'll leave the dojo with.nvironment in which they are taught is supportive and positive. Come prepared to have a good time!


How to Signup

Attendance is limited to fifty women, and while the seminar is free, our space is limited to fifty women to ensure that we can provide a high-quality learning environment.

Even if you can't make it to this particular seminar date, or this seminar is not something interesting to you, please forward this information to the women who are important in your life. We think they'll really appreciate your deep caring and thoughtfulness.

To attend, please click here to reserve your spot.



22 October 2013