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Help Support Goju Karate's Special Needs Programs

We're partcipating in the Main Street Grants program run by Chase and funded by Google, and we need your vote!

Why This Is Important
Main Street Grants offers twelve organizations throughout the United States a one-time, no-strings-attached grant of $150,000 to implement a new program or improve some aspect of their organization.

If we're successful, we plan to use the grant to completely fund our Special Needs programs for adults and teens. Specifically, the $150,000 will allow the dojo to provide free transportation for about a dozen students at least twice a week for two and half years at no cost to any Special Needs student.

Even though Special Needs adults already pay no tuition and their uniform is provided at no cost to them, the costs and logistics of transportation to the dojo and back is a big challenge for those students. If we can provide free, safe, and convenient transportation, we can serve a much broader Special Needs audience in the Bay Area.

We need your vote!
In order to qualify for consideration, we need 250 votes so we can demonstrate community support for our grant proposal. Voting is easy and takes just a moment.


Goju Karate Mission Main Street


Click the button and that will take you directly to our Main Street Grants page.  And please pass on the link to this article to all your friends, family and colleagues.

Hopefully, with enough support, we'll be successful in both raising awareness of our Special Needs programs, and possibly also winning this grant to expand the Special Needs programs so we can serve an even bigger group of future very special karateka.



18 September 2014