Goju Karate Named Best Dojo in Marin County

pacificsun2014.jpgIt isn't often that both The Pacific Sun and The Bohemian reach the same conclusion. But in 2014, both newspapers have named Goju Karate as the Best Dojo in Marin County and the North Bay!

Commenting on news of the dual selection, Sensei said "We're proud to be chosen by both publications. Our dojo's selection is really a reflection of the strong dojo community that we have worked hard to build, and it's also a great vote of confidence in all the students who train at Goju Karate."

Both publications conducted a range of polling among their readers, and also interviewed prospective winners before announcing their editorial selections in special issues March and April 2014.

The "martial arts school" is a relatively new category for both publications, and this is the first time in the history of either publication that one school has been chosen as "the best" simultaneously by both publications.


Each publication typically surveys several thousand readers in polling that runs over several months. Readers were asked to choose their favorites in a long list of potential winners, across multiple categories including gyms, schools, and entertainment venus like restaurants, as well as a variety of different types of retail stores.

Interested in seeing the full list of 2014 winners?

Click here for the Pacific Sun's Best of Marin, and click here for The Bohemian's Best of the North Bay.

01 May 2014