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Become Better.

Whatever Better means to you, this is the place to study and train for it.

Strong. Smart. Focused. Balanced. Flexible. Aware. Disciplined. Responsible. Engaged. Empowered. Intense. Joyful.

This is Karate.

$100/month. Unlimited Classes.
No Contracts.

Classes range from 7:15AM to 8PM, plus Saturday classes. Take as many classes as you'd like, and never worry about contracts.

The Best Martial Arts School in Marin County.


Dojo News

Teen Endurance Class August 25

The monthly Teen Endurance Class will be held on Monday, August 25th. On the last Monday of every month, the Olympics Training…

Free Pre-K Sibling Class

Goju Karate will hold a special Pre-K(arate) Sibling Class for younger brothers and sisters of our Pre-K students on Wednesday…

August Rank Testing

Rank Testing for adults and kids occurs this month, on Saturday August 23rd. Rank Testing for all adults and all kids' age…

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Pre-K Sibling Day

Posted by   Goju Karate on   Aug 14, 2014

Brothers and sisters of our Pre-K students joined us for a special Sibling Class at the 11:15AM Pre-K(arate) Class on August…

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Olympic Day: Recap + Photos

Posted by   Goju Karate on   Jun 23, 2014

Goju Karate was honored to host the Olympic Day celebration for Northern California in 2014.

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Why Free Fruit is Good Karate

Posted by   Goju Karate on   Jun 23, 2013

Our Karatedo includes free fruit. Find out why.

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Be a Master Artisan

Shokunin [Pronounced “show-koo-nin”] Shokunin is a “master artisan” — a person who wholly and completely devotes their mind…

Just Sitting

Shikantaza [Pronounced “she-khan-tah-zah”] Shikantaza means “just sitting” — and describes both a type of meditation, and the…

Flowing Water

Ryu means “flowing water” — but it also means “style” or “school of thought” and specifically is used to styles of martial arts.…

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