Goju Karate Students

The Comprehensive Karatedō Library

This resource center for Goju Karateka includes videos, seminar recordings, book excerpts (including kata, yakusoku kumite, ippon kumite, and karatedō concepts), and much more.

In addition, we've made available audio and video recordings of karatedō shodo lectures (lectures on the philisophical concepts that are present in all styles of karate as well as most other martial arts) to all website visitors at no charge.


Lectures on the Philosophy of Karate

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Kata, Concepts, Seminars, and More.

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Kata excerpts from K8: Kyu Kata

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Basic Techniques, Ippon Kumite, Yakusoku Kumite, Syllabi, and More

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Dan-ranked Reference materials for Kata, Kihon, Syllabi, Weapons, and More

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