Free Intro Session

Goju Karate is an Elite dojo for Elite students. If you're serious about exploring karatedō, you've come to the right place.

All Goju students start their path in karatedo with a Free Introductory Session. There is no cost to take this 15-20 minute session and certainly no obligation to become a student.

This requirement is the same for both adults and kids; we require that kids be accompanied by a caregiver (preferably a parent) when they arrive for their Introductory Session.

You can reserve your Free Introductory Session and pick the date/time below. The entire process takes less than a minute.

In order to ensure world-class levels of instruction, Goju Karate cannot accept walk-in candidates for evaluation. You must make arrangements beforehand to take your Introductory Session.

How Do We Choose Students?

There are two main criteria for choosing students for training

Commitment Are you prepared to train at least once a week, and preferably at least twice a week?

Seriousness Are you serious about training? Do you have goals for becoming more fit, more focused, more disciplined? For increasing your ability to achieve your objectives in life? For becoming better, in whatever areas you wish to improve?

Do I Need Experience? Do I Have to be in Great Physical Shape?

However, we DO NOT evaluate your level of fitness, your physical ability to perform any of the different techniques or actions that we do as part of karatedo, nor do we evaluate endurance, coordination, or flexibility.

If you have any physical or learning limitations, these will not limit you from becoming a karateka and training at Goju Karate.

You do not need to have any background or experience in any marital art, or in any sport or other physical activity.

Our dojo welcomes students of all backgrounds and experiences. Our dojo community is especially welcoming of both men and women, and we have students from all educational and socio-economic backgrounds.

If you are serious about becoming better, and serious about training, you’ll be welcomed enthusiastically at our dojo.

Is Everyone Accepted?

Unfortunately, no.

There are two main reasons that you may not be able to train at the dojo right now. First, we limit enrollment (especially in the kids program) to ensure that classes are reasonably-sized. Once enrollment in an age group is full, we don’t accept new students (there is a waiting-list available). Note that we do make special exceptions for siblings of existing students, or the children of existing adult students.

Secondly, karatedo and Goju Karate isn’t a good fit for everyone. Training in karatedo isn’t a casual activity, and to make sure that we maintain the high-level of instruction and training necessary, we do occasionally (and reluctantly) have to inform some prospective students that they might need to look elsewhere. This is rare, however.

What Should I Bring to My Introductory Session?

Please wear comfortable workout clothing; nothing special is required, and you won’t be asked to do anything particularly physically demanding.

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