Holiday Fund 2023

The 2023 Holiday Fund donation drive has begun – please give generously.

As everyone in your dojo community knows, Goju Karate is a non-profit organization, now in its twelfth year of teaching and practicing karatedō.

While tuition revenue covers our basic expenses, we rely on the generous donations of patrons and students of the dojo to help us reach higher every year.

Why Donating Matters

In 2023, donations helped us make it possible for students to train who cannot afford the full tuition. This included both adults and kids. These karateka are no different from you or your kids – they train just as hard and line up alongside you in class. But they wouldn't be there if it wasn't possible for the dojo to offer greatly-reduced tuition to those that need help.

Donations also helped us create and deliver special programs and seminars and to extend karatedō to a wider and more global audience. In 2023, we debuted the Mentor Program for kids who want to be kids doing martial arts, but have special needs to make that happen. Our dojo makes that happen every Saturday morning in the Mentor Program.

It's annoying to be constantly asked to contribute, but it's also important to understand that institutions like our dojo only exist because they are valued and supported by their community.

We only ask for help once a year, traditionally always at the holiday season.

So if you're able to, please donate generously. You'll have both the deep appreciation of the dojo community today, and the dojo community of the future.

Step up, and make a difference.