2023 Dojo Calendar Announced

The 2023 Dojo Events Calendar has been released, with dates for Rank Testing, Seminars, Tournaments, and other special events.

The 2023 Dojo Events Calendar has been officially released, with specific dates and information on a wide variety of exciting events for 2023.

The Calendar is available here (in both an online and PDF version) and, while supplies, last, a printed calendar is also available at the Front Desk at the NYC dojo.

It's a good idea to take a moment and add some of the dates on the calendar to your own personal calendar, especially Rank Test dates. This allows you to plan your own training cycles and rhythm, as well as note important events that you may wish to attend (seminars, etc.)

Calendar Archive Debuts

Ever wonder what previous years' events were like at the dojo? A new Calendar Archive has also debuted today with PDF copies of previous year's calendars. (More years will be added over time).

The archive offers an interesting glimpse into the growth and evolution of the dojo through the years.

The archive can be access directly from the Dojo Calendar section, via a special link at the top of the page.