2PM Classes: In-Person and Livestream

Students seeking an in-person early afternoon class now have three new options.

Beginning September 7th, 2022, all 2PM Classes that originate from the NYC Dojo now also allow in-person students as well as livestream students.

This includes the Monday 2PM General Class (which has previously had both in-person and livestream students), the Wednesday 2pm Adult General Class, and the Friday 2PM Adult Kata Class and Meditation/Shodo class.

So if your schedule allows, and you'd like to attend any 2PM class on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, this is your chance to add another class to your regular schedule. In addition, students unable to attend the Monday evening Kata Class at 7PM now have a Friday 2PM Kata Class option.

Please note that when any 2PM class originates from Honbu, in-person students are not yet permitted to attend at Honbu. However, in 2023, this will change, and any Goju student who happens to be in the area can attend Honbu classes that are also livestreamed. (Provisionally, select students will be permitted to attend Honbu classes this year: please speak with Sensei about this opportunity.)