Adult Programs

Goju Karate offers a full-range of adult classes that is especially welcoming to students who are new to martial arts – but also provides a strong range of challenging classes which will support even the most advanced blackbelt student.

Goju Karate offers a global Adult Program that spans regularly-scheduled classes at our New York City dojo, as well as a comprehensive world-class schedule that is available online.

Classes are held Monday through Saturday. During the weekdays, late-afternoon and evening classes are common, and on Saturdays, late morning/early afternoon classes are offered.

Since all student tuition covers unlimited classes, students are encouraged to train as much as possible and as often as their schedule permits. The dojo offers a General Class and at least one special-subject class every training day for adults.

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General Class
These classes are one hour. Typically they include about five minutes of stretching, about twenty minutes of basic techniques and strength exercises, twenty minutes of fast-paced combination techniques, and fifteen minutes of advanced topics including kata (kata are combinations of movements which can be very complex).

Classes literally vary day-to-day, and are somewhat customized to the needs and skills of students that attend. General Classes include self-defense training and short sessions on karatedo philosophy as well.

General Classes include strength training exercises and much more.

Some General Classes are rank-specific – there are whitebelt-only classes, for instance, and general classes that are for bluebelts and above. This allows instructors to focus on a specific range of techniques and a pace of instruction that is geared to one common set of students.

However, most General Classes are for all ranks – but don’t worry! Instructors are used to managing classes that have students at different skill levels, and workouts are designed to take into account that a student with only a few weeks of experience may be in the same class as a third dan blackbelt.

Endurance Class
Endurance Classes are forty-five minutes long. And “long” is the operative word! They provide a fast-paced and very challenging workout.

While General Classes are great at building cardio-vascular capacity (karate is one of the most effective forms of interval training, for instance; General Classes really reflect that), Endurance Classes are designed to push that training and focus on cardio capacity.

Like all classes at the dojo, and despite its name, Endurance Class is for all students regardless of fitness. The most fit student will be challenged as much as the least fit, and this class is approachable and do-able for even students who are relatively novice and may not be at a good level of fitness.

Requirements: Gi top is not required for this class; instead, a plain black t-shirt may be worn, or any Goju Karate t-shirt; gi pants [shitabaki] and rank belt [obi] are required, however. Bag gloves are required (you can also bring closed-handed gloves as well, but always have bag gloves too). Handwraps are also required.

Meditation Class
Meditation Classes are thirty minutes long, and feature guided-meditation, self-meditation, and a Shodo lecture on a specific topic of karatedo. Available to all adult students regardless of rank.

Kata Class
Kata Classes are forty-five minutes long, and focus only on kata. Rank-specific kata are assigned during class, and a brief warm-up and some basic techniques may be included at the beginning of class in addition to the standard stretching at the start of class. Note that this class is available to 10th Kyu White Belts on instructor approval; all other adult students may take this class at any time.

Kumite Class
Kumite Classes are forty-five minutes long, and focus only on kumite (sparring). At the discretion of the instructor, point-fighting sparring, semi-contact, and full-contact sparring are presented. Note that all kumite classes require safety gear (see your instructor for details, or the Front Desk) and are only available to Adult Advanced Yellow Belt (5th Kyu) and above.

Self-Defense Class
Self-Defense Classes are 30-45 minutes long, and focus only on the practical, combat application of karatedo. Different scenarios are studied, including scenarios involving weapons of all kinds. Safe training with partners allows students to practice what they learn, both in this class, and from other aspects of karatedo.

Techniques Class
Techniques Classes are forty-five minutes long, and concentrate at an intense level on a very specific subject: it’s not unusual for Sensei to spend the entire class focused on the intricacies of just one kick, as an example. These classes are very popular at the dojo because they offer the opportunity to really learn the inner workings of what can be very complex subjects. Techniques Class is available to all adult students regardless of rank, and all kids who have are 8th Kyu or higher.

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