Advanced Brown Belt Review Class 2024

1st Kyu Advanced Brown Belts will have a review class available to prepare for blackbelt selection.

First Kyu Advanced Brown Belt adult students and blackbelts are invited to a special 1st Kyu Review class on Saturday, April 13th, 2024 at 12:30PM.

The one hour special class will review a wide range of material – it will specifically focus on kata and all varieties of kihon waza. In addition, 1st Kyu Advanced Brownbelts who are eligible to participate in BlackBelt Selection this year are required to attend this class.

While the review class is specifically aimed at 1st Kyu students, any blackbelt that wishes to review material is also invited to participate.

The class will also be livecast, so any student eligible to attend this class that wishes to attend will also be able to attend remotely.