Junbi Undo Videos Released

New videos on the Junbi Undo (stretching and flexibility training) are now available in the GOJUKARATE.COM students section

Two new videos on the Junbi Undo have been released in the GOJUKARATE.COM student subscribers section.

The Junbi Undo is the approximately-five-minute portion at the beginning of most karatedo classes in which we stretch, warm-up, and train our flexibility.

The Full Junbi Undo

The first new video is a great recording of a complete Junbi Undo sequence presented as you've seen it in most karatedo classes. This is a great way to review the Junbi Undo itself, or to use as a guide to develop a daily stretching routine.

The Master Class

In Summer 2020, Sensei conducted a techniques class solely on the Junbi Undo, focused on a detail-by-detail review of each part of the Junbi Undo sequence.

This class is now available in the Videos section for review and study, and is especially handy for new 2nd Kyu Brown Belts learning the Junbi Undo, and learning to lead the Junbi Undo in class.

Visit the Videos section to see these videos now:

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