Kids Kumite Classes

Kids Kumite Classes begin on April 29, 2024, during the Youth and Teens Division General Classes.

Kumite classes for kids in the Youth Division and Teens Division will be held during the General Classes (4:15PM and 5PM, respectively) for each division on the first and last Monday of each month. (If the dojo is closed on either of those Mondays, the Kumite Class is not held the following week and is instead skipped for that month.)

Kids Kumite classes will begin on April 29th, 2024. The Juniors Division does not hold kumite classes.

Importance of Kumite Training

Kumite is important to developing endurance, good technique and movement, and understanding the practical applications of karatedō. However, students are not required to participate. Students not participating in Kumite during those classes will instead train in non-contact pad-work, learn about kumite rules and techniques, and learn scoring.

In both divisions, students must be at 8th Kyu (Blue Belt) in rank; regardless of rank, students must also have the permission of their instructor to participate in order to ensure they have sufficient maturity and focus.


Will the General Class on the First and Last Monday of the class consist entirely of kumite? No, only a part of the class. The rest of the class will be devoted specifically to kata practice and training for all students, including those doing kumite. 

Does my child need to have equipment to participate in kumite? Yes, attached to this information sheet is an equipment checklist. All the equipment is available at the dojo Front Desk.

If my child doesn’t participate in kumite, what will he or she be doing during those parts of the class when the other students are training?They will do non-contact drills (i.e., they will not make contact with other students) and they will learn about kumite, scoring, etc. 

If my child is doing kumite, should he or she arrive on the dojo floor wearing their kumite gear? Yes, students participating in kumite should have all their gear on except for their helmet and their gloves. They will put helmets and gloves on after stretching and once class begins.

Students will receive instruction and training on the proper use of their equipment.

I have other questions about kumite. Who should I ask?
You can ask Sensei before or after class if he is available. You can also email and we’d be happy to help.

Visual Guides to Kumite Gear for Boys and Girls

A Visual Guide is available for the gear needed for kumite classes – download the appropriate guide below.

All gear is available at the Front Desk, in various styles and colors. Please consult dojo staff for availability and pricing.