NYC Dojo Saturday Schedule Resumes

Regular Saturday Class Schedule resumes October 1st.

It’s Autumn, the leaves are about to turn, and formal Saturday classes resume at the NYC Dojo this weekend, on October 1.

This year, we’ve incorporated feedback both from past years as well as the Saturday Special Events of Blackbelt Week to reconfigure the Saturday morning schedule.

Beginning this Saturday, the dojo will open at 10:15AM for all classes.

Kids Classes

All kids classes will begin at the same time (10:30AM) and then split into three sub-classes led by blackbelts and senior students — One each for Juniors, Youth, and Teens.

Our Saturday kids class will be a full hour, but for younger children, we’ll tune the length of the class based on appropriateness. However, we hope to have all kids train for the full hour.

Adult Classes

Adult General class will begin at 11:30AM (for the standard one hour).

There’s also the possibility of adding a Self-Defense (kyu belts) and Weapons Classes (blackbelts) afterwards, but planning on those classes is still in the works — stay tuned for more details!