October 2022 Rank Testing

Rank testing is generally held at the New York City dojo, and includes both written and physical tests.

The next Rank Testing will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2022 at the New York City dojo. Both eligible kids (in all divisions – Juniors, Youth, and Teens) and eligible adults will have an opportunity to test for their next rank.

Note that because Rank Testing is an all-day event, the regular class schedule is suspended on Saturday, October 22, 2022. No classes will be held on that date.

As with most trsting days, on October 22, 2022, the dojo opens at 11AM. All students testing are reminded to be prompt and arrive at the dojo in ample time for their test starting times.

Kids Rank Testing

Kids rank testing will begin at 11:30AM. This includes all divisions, including Teens (who will begin their written examination while younger kids begin their physical test). Teens will join the in-progress physical test once they've completed the written examination.

Kids in the Junior and Youth divisions do not take a written examination, but rather proceed to the general examination directly at 11:30AM.

Typically, the Kids Rank Testing event lasts until about 1PM, although kids in the Junior and Youth divisions finish their rank testing earlier.

Adult Rank Testing

Adult rank testing for kyu-belt rank students begins at 1PM, with a written examination for all adults who are testing. It is followed by a general examination. The entire event, for adults in the 10th through 5th Kyu ranks, lasts about two hours total.

Because of scheduling constraints, Adults currently at 5th Kyu or higher rank are not permitted to test in this cycle. The next test for which they're eligible is in December.

Come Support Our Young Karateka!

We strongly encourage everyone to attend the Kids Rank Testing: all the kids testing appreciate your support deeply! Family and friends are encouraged to come as well, especially family members! Rank testing is an important occasion for all of us, but its especially meaningful for kids who’ve worked so hard.

As per tradition, Adult rank testing is a closed event: no spectators are permitted.