Pinan Two: Video + Step-by-Step

A PREVIEW release of the Pinan Two Kata video series and written commentary and step-by-step is now available to Goju Students.

One of our goals for 2024 is to produce a comprehensive reference library for all the kyu level (color-belt) kata and some of the dan level (blackbelt) kata.

So, we're excited to debut a preview release of both video and written commentary for Pinan Two (sometimes known as Heian Kata #2), available right now in the Kata Section.

A Standard Reference for Every Kata

GOJUKARATE.COM will present, for each kata, a series of three to four videos that will illustrate the step-by-step (the enbusen) of the kata, the bunkai (the application of different parts of the kata for self-defense and for combat), an overall performance of the kata, and a commentary on the history and context of the kata.

In addition, we'll also offer the same information in written form – a written step-by-step and enbusen, material on the history and context of the kata, and a discussion of the bunkai for the kata.

Pinan Two Preview

The Pina Two preview is an early first draft of these materials; you can expect a new release within the next two months that expands the video materials and the written material.

However, we're excited to offer this right now and we wanted to get this into the hands of students immediately.

The dojo would love feedback on the quality and content of both the video and the written materials to help us improve them. To offer feedback, please visit this page.