The Summer Dojo

Summer 2024 has started. These are some handy notes on upcoming events, reminders, and class schedules during the Summer, and more.

As Summer begins at the dojo, we have a few reminders and schedule notes for both kids and their families, and adults.

Kids Schedule

The dojo schedule is effectively unchanged during the Summer, and that includes all four Kid's Divisions – Teens, Youth, Juniors, and Mentor Program.

More specifically, the weekday schedule remains the same during the Summer as it is the rest of the year.

The Saturday schedule in past years was generally eliminated in July and August. However, in 2024, we will retain the Saturday schedule – if attendance in the Kid's Divisions remains strong, this will become the rule in future years as well. (So encourage your fellow karateka and their families to train on Saturdays!)


Tuition is due, of course, regardless of vacations and breaks from training.

If you generally pay your tuition at the Front Desk, and plan to be away for either June or July, please make arrangements to either pay your July and August tuition in advance, or do so online (you should be receiving monthly tuition invoices in your email: if you're not, please check with the Front Desk and update your student records).

Adults Schedule

The dojo schedule class schedule for adults is also effectively unchanged during the Summer.

More specifically, the weekday schedule remains the same during the Summer as it is the rest of the year.

However, while the Saturday 11:30AM General Class will continue during the Summer (and will also be Livecast), please note that the Saturday 12:30PM Special Subject Class will go on hiatus beginning June 29, 2024, and will return on Saturday, September 7th, 2024.

As with the Kids Divisions, the retention of the Saturday program for Adults is experimental (in previous years, the dojo hasn't had Saturday classes in the Summer). Please encourage your fellow karateka to attend Saturday 11:30AM General Class!

Special Events

Summer typically offers two long holiday weekends: July 4th and Labor Day. Always check the Calendar and News sections for information on dojo holiday closures.

In addition, one very specific dojo-related holiday occurs every August: Gasshuku, the traditional dojo summer vacation. Read more about Gasshuku here, and of course, check the Calendar and News sections for more information on Gasshuku 2024.

Summer also features two Rank Tests – one in June and one in August. These Rank Tests include opportunities for both kids and adults to test for advancement, and follow the same schedule and formats as Rank Tests during the rest of the year.

And finally, the Summer also features three events in Blackbelt Selection. During the first one, the Written Examination, the dojo is open (and holds the June Rank Test concurrently). The other two events, held on a Saturday, are events only for blackbelts and the dojo is closed on those two days. The 2024 Blackbelt Selection calendar is here.