Tuesday Livestream Classes

Tuesday Evening Classes will be Livestreamed as well as in-person in NYC.

Tuesday evening will feature the first ever Tuesday night classes at the NYC Dojo – and as a special event, those classes will be available via Livestream as well.

On September 20th, an Adult General Class will be held at 6PM as well as a Meditation/Shodo Class at 7PM. These two classes are special events that are part of Blackbelt Week (read more here).

In addition, both classes will be available via Livestream for all Goju Karate students.

If you regularly attend (or want to start attending) livestream classes, please try to attend at least one of these classes – Tuesday evening is one of the leading contenders for a permanent livestream class, and the more students that attend this class, the more likely this time-slot will become permanent!

And of course, if you can, be sure to attend these classes in-person on the NYC dojo floor – they promise to be an excellent event as senior students testing for blackbelts have their final chance to train before testing on Wednesday, September 21st.