Dojo Tuition Increase

As rising costs spread throughout the US economy, the dojo must also keep pace with inflation.

The dojo has delayed tuition price increases for as long as possible —it has been exactly four years (August 2018) since the last increase in tuition rates.

However, the rampant price inflation that all of us are experiencing really leaves us no choice: almost every single product and service that is part of our base operating expense has increased in cost. Keep in mind that as a non-profit, we pay no salaries, everyone is a volunteer: all our expenses are directly related to operating the dojo and its programs.

So effective September 1st, 2022 these tuition changes will occur:

  • Monthly base tuition will increase from $200 to $250
  • Family discount students’ tuition will move from $100 to $125
  • Students on financial assistance will not see any change in tuition. However, if you’re able to increase your tuition contribution, we ask you to do so at this point.
  • Special Needs students will continue to pay no tuition.

Monthly invoices sent in September will automatically have these tution adjustments applied to them.

As always, if any student needs assistance with tuition, please speak with Sensei or the Front Desk staff.