Updates in Kihon and Kata

Now available: newer versions of selected kata, the complete Adult syllabus series, and more.

A wide range of updates in important areas are now available on GOJUKARATE.COM in the Goju Students section.

Most of the updates are for adult students, but new versions of syllabi for kids in the Juniors, Youth, and Teens divisions are also available.

Adult Kyu Syllabus Collection

The Goju Students Kihon section now offers the complete set of adult syllabi for tenth through first kyu (white belt to advanced brown belt) and are now available for download in PDF format.

Kata Updates and New Kata

The pages for Gekisai Sho have been updated to correct minor typographic errors. A new entry for Pinan Kata #1 has been added (the enbusen is available; a general Pinan family history and discussion is planned for the near future).

In addition, new sections for Seisan Kata are now available.

More Additions in Kihon

Rounding out the new offerings for Adults, an entirely new section for Kiba Dachi Yon Ju Go Do (for adults ranked 5th Kyu and Above) is now available.

Syllabus Collections for Kids

For kids in each division, a wide range of syllabi are now availabe for download as PDF douments as well – this includes syllabi for Teens, Youth, and Juniors students. The collections aren't yet complete, but more additions are planned in the near future as well.