Kagami Biraki: Millions of Ki-Ah

Kagami Biraki is the one event you don't want to miss. Get ready to steam-up the dojo, fog the windows, and raise the volume with your strong spirit.

Kagami Biraki 鏡開き is a unique martial arts tradition in many ways. Literally centuries old, the event celebrates the global community of karateka and unites us in the training that we all share.

During the month of January, millions of men, women, boys, and girls (kids can take part!) crowd their dojo floors and raise their strong spirit to amazing levels.

This year, our Kagami Biraki will be on Saturday, January 13th, 2024. Here's a great round-up of Kagami Biraki-related articles that will help you get ready and give you a great perspective on the history and context of this seminal event.

Details on the 2024 Edition

Kagami Biraki 2024
The traditional dojo-wide group workout will be held on Saturday, January 13, 2024

The History of Kagami Biraki

Kagami Biraki: Starting a New Year
Kagami Biraki is the official start of the dojo year. Find out its fascinating history and unique place in karatedō.

A Selection of Previous Kagami Biraki Messages

Tsuru no Hitokoe— The One Voice of the Crane 鶴の一声
We are inundated with the chatter of meaningless and unimportant voices in social media, email, chat messages, and more. As karateka, we must rise above this noise to discern the truly important voices around us.
Itaidoshin — Different Bodies, Same Mind 異体同心
Itaidōshin 異体同心 was chosen as the Kagami Biraki message for 2020.
Kau Kizu Tsubo — Buy the Scratched Pot 買う傷壷
Kau kizu tsubo 買う傷壷 was chosen as the Kagami Biraki message for 2017.
Zen wa Isoge — Rushing is Good 善は急げ
Time is the most precious thing we have and Zen wa Isoge reminds us that rushing to accomplish our goals and pursue our purpose is vitally important to a satisfying life.
Ikigai — Purpose for Living 生き甲斐
To have a purpose for living is the true measure of a satisfied and rich life; rather than striving for happiness, strive for purpose.

For Blackbelts Only

Koenkai 2024 Meeting
The Koenkai 2024 Meeting will be held immediately following Kagami Biraki on Saturday, January 13, 2024.