Karatedo Seminar 2022: Video Now Available

The video and lecture notes from the ground-breaking Karatedo Seminar 2022 are now available.

The video from the Spring 2022 Karatedo Seminar is probably one of the most-requested videos that we've been working on, and we're happy to announce it is now available in the Goju Students section of GOJUKARATE.COM

Featuring three hours of lecture and question-and-answer, the seminar was unique in that it was one of the first generally available explorations of the underlying philosophy of karatedō and its history and organization.

In addition, the lecture notes (the same notes that were given to seminar attendees) are now available to download as well, and can be used to follow-along as Sensei explores the different facets of karatedō in the presentation.

Videos cover everything from kata to basic techniques (kihon) and recordings of seminars and special events... and much more.
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