Junbi Undo: Functional Flexibility – New Tuesday Class

A new Tuesday 6PM class debuts on February 27, 2024. The Junbi Undo: Functional Flexibility class will help students improve their flexibility and learn more about, and train, the components of flexibility.

The dojo is pleased to announce the addition of a new Tuesday class for Adults that is focused on flexibility and helping students both improve and increase their functional flexibility as well as rehabilitate injuries and limitations in their flexibility.

The Junbi Undo

The Junbi Undo 準備運動 ("preparatory exercise") is the set of stretching exercises formulated by the founder of Goju Ryu, Chojun Miyagi. (For a timeline of the history of karatedō, read more here.) Since its introduction in the early twentieth century, the Junbi Undo has been adopted as the standard stretching and class preparatory exercise for almost every form of karatedō and many other martial arts as well.

Videos cover everything from kata to basic techniques (kihon) and recordings of seminars and special events... and much more.

To see two videos on the Junbi Undo 準備運動, visit the Videos Section.

However, the Junbi Undo is designed as a preparatory exercise: not as complete stretching and flexibility training. And that's what the new Tuesday class addresses.

Functional Flexibility

The Junbi Undo: Functional Flexibility class offers a greatly expanded version of the standard Junbi Undo, but also goes much further. Through a series of different exercises, students will focus on mobility development, joint strength, and body control.

In addition to improving existing flexibility, there will also be an emphasis on repairing flexibility-related injuries as well as working with flexibility limitations to improve overall performance.

Class Debut

The Junbi Undo: Functional Flexibility class will debut at 6PM on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. The dojo will open at approximately 5:30PM on those days.

The class is open to all Adult students, and all ranks.

Please visit the Class Schedule for a complete overview of the class schedule.