New Class: Saturday 12:30PM Adults

The Saturday class schedule debuts a new rotating special-subject class for adults.

The Goju Karate NYC Dojo has been experimenting with a 12:30PM class on Saturdays, and given its success, it now will become a permanant addition to the Class Schedule.

The Saturday 12:30PM Class will be a rotating class for Adults that will offer Special Subject concentration classes from the weekday schedule, but on Saturdays, for students who miss those classes during the week.

The rotation will consist of:

Endurance +

[Adults: All Ranks] Endurance Class, 45 minutes. Bag work, pad work, and more. All students required to have hand wraps and appropriate gloves.

Kumite +

[Adults: All Ranks, 8th Kyu and Above Jiyu Kumite] Open to all adult students; 8th Kyu and Above students with appropriate equipment will engage in jiyu kumite (sparring) including semi-contact and point-fighting. Other students will perform drills and do partner pad-work. 45 minutes

Kata +

[Adults: 9th Kyu and Above; 10th Kyu White Belts with prior permission). 45 minutes. All aspects of kata will be covered, including history and bunkai (application of portions of kata). 10th Kyu White Belt students, please consult with your instructor prior to attending this class.

Senior Color Belt General Class +

[Adults: Green Belt/4th Kyu and above only] General Class for senior color belts (blackbelts permitted as well). 45 Minutes.

Weapons +

[Adults: Blackbelts/Shodan and above only] Blackbelt weapons kata, kihon, and dosa. Occasional Blackbelt kata, in addition. 45 minutes.

Self Defense +

[Adults: All Ranks] Free-form self-defense, bunkai from kata and kihon; ippon kumite, yakosuku kumite. 45 minutes.

This class will also be Livestreamed (as is the Saturday 11:30AM Adult General Class). Livestream students may still observe this class, regardless of qualification for participation.

For the full Class Schedule (including the Saturday schedule), please visit the Class Schedule section.