Seminar-Related Class Schedule Changes

The Karatedō History Seminar on Friday, March 24th, will affect a number of classes on Friday as well as on Saturday, March 25th.

This Friday will debut one of the most exiting seminars of the year: the Karatedo History Seminar. (Read more about that here.)

A number of classes will be affected by the Seminar, and as always, you can get up-to-date schedule changes on Today@Goju in the Class Schedule section.

To summarize:

FRIDAY March 24, 2023

2PM Adult General Class (NYC Dojo + Livestream): Regular Schedule

3:30PM Juniors General Class: Canceled
4:15PM Youth General Class: Canceled
5PM Teens General Class: Canceled

6:15PM Karatedō History Seminar: All Adults + All Teens

SATURDAY March 25, 2023

DOJO CLOSED: No Regularly-Scheduled Classes

MONDAY March 25, 2023

DOJO OPEN: Regular Schedule