The History of Karatedō: The Seminar

Make plans to attend a ground-breaking seminar on the history and origins of karatedō.

Mark your calendars! Join us FRIDAY, March 24, 2023, from 6:15PM to 8PM, for a ground-breaking seminar on the history of karatedō.

We’ll cover the origins of martial arts, the influences of various disciplines on the development of karatedō, and the evolution of modern karatedō from the 19th Century to Present Day.

The seminar is free for all Goju Karate students. All adults (all ranks) and all Teen students (8th Kyu and above) are invited to attend.

For students not in New York City, the Seminar will also be simulcast via Livecast, and the video will be available on GOJUKARATE.COM at a later date for Goju Karate students.