The Official 2022 Tournament Tshirt

Every year, the dojo produces a limited edition tshirt design for the Tameshiwari Tournament.

It's here!

The official design for the 2022 Tameshiwari Tournament T-shirt has been released.

The 2022 Limited Edition Design

Every year, the dojo designs and produces a limited edition t-shirt that is awarded to all Tameshiwari Tournament competitors. The design is never re-printed, and never re-used, and is only available to competitors: it is never offered for sale.

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The 2022 Tameshiwari (Breaking) Tournament
On the Eleventh Anniversary of the founding of Goju Karate, the 2022 Tameshiwari Tournament promises to be an exciting celebration.
Tameshiwari (Breaking) Seminar 2022
The annual Tameshiwari Seminar returns on Saturday, November 12, 2022.
Tameshiwari (Breaking) Tournament Rules
These are the official, generally accepted rules for Tameshiwari (Breaking) Tournaments conducted since 2014.

The shirt has gone into production, and is expected to arrive at the dojo during the first week of December. Competitors will be able to pickup their shirt from the Front Desk as soon as it is available.

And for those who didn't compete this year, one copy of the t-shirt will be on display – be sure to check it out in December, where it'll be displayed right next to designs from previous years!