Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

The Women’s Self Defense Seminar offers practical and real-world training for everyday women.

Goju Karate's acclaimed Women's Self-Defense Seminar returns for its 2022 edition on Saturday, December 10, 2022 from Noon to 3PM at the Goju Karate dojo in New York City.

The three hour seminar is officially in its ninth year, and the instructors leading the seminar have decades of experience in teaching practical self-defense for women.

Why this Seminar is Different

The emphasis of the Women's Self-Defense Seminar is very different from the vast majority of similar events: a set of five scenarios will be explored, and practical real-world techniques will be taught to deal with those scenarios. No flying kicks, no impossible "holds" and certainly no hard-to-master techniques are involved.

The seminar revolves around the real world: real, trainable, and reasonable techniques are taught, and practiced, throughout the event. And the scenarios explored are based on real probabilites and real situations that women are likely to encounter.

The seminar is free for Goju students; and a discounted price of $40 is available to immediate family members of Goju Students (please register at the Front Desk at the dojo to receive the discount).

But perhaps most importantly, this seminar is open to the general public so please encourage all the women that you know to register.

Easy online registration is available by clicking the button below. Please forward this email or webpage URL to every woman you know: you'll be helping them develop the skills and confidence to be safer.